.How do sorting commissions work?

Classification is aimed at assessing the fiber quality. This quality determines the price for the customer and constitutes a basis to define the producer remuneration.

This approach combines a search of rigor to assess the fiber quality as objectively as possible and a will to be fair between the producers.

Once the classification has been achieved, a commercial range of fibers is defined.

COMLIN-Board of Comlin

.Decision making at the board of Directors

The COMLIN board of Directors includes administrators of the 3 cooperatives.

The Presidents of the 3 cooperatives are also part of the board.

The board decides of the strategy of the whole COMLIN Union, mainly concerning strategic sales orientations.

Collegiality and equity are the leading words in COMLIN, not only as regards decision making but also in the every-day organization of COMLIN.

COMLIN Trial platforms2

.Trial platforms, improving cultural practices

Every year, each of the three cooperatives organize trials so as to improve flax culture for farmers.

The trials concern new varieties (e.g. adapted to the terroir, resistant to some diseases), or on the cultural itinerary.
These trials allow to improve the cultural practices taking customer expectations into account.

They also allow to point out improvements on quality, yields, on disease control …

COMLIN Supporting investment

.Supporting investment for harvesting equipment

Reactivity is a key, mainly at the harvesting step. Flax is often harvested within a very short period, with specific equipment (encapsulating machines for seeds, flax harvester and turner binder for the straw).

Therefore COMLIN supports their producers so that they invest in harvesting equipments. Harvesting equipment is however expensive, since it is dedicated to flax only. Besides, each cooperative sets up a collective organization so as to support producers during harvesting works: sharing equipment between producers, coordinating harvesting works .

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