COMLIN, the lead scutched flax producer organization,
close to its international partners

COMLIN is a consortium of 3 flax companies based in Normandy: AGYLIN, LE NEUBOURG scutching mill, TERRE DE LIN.

The three companies have built a common organization and common methods so as to sell scutched flax together.

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Flax culture is a delicate culture which means taking risks and being reactive.

The farmer regularly observes his culture, he adapts his cultural itinerary to the soil and to weather conditions. Cultivating flax requires patience, know-how and passion.

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During scutching, the fiber is extracted from the rest of the plant. It is a 100% mechanical operation.

To get quality fibers, the scutched fibers have to be free of straw and the lots have to be uniform.

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COMLIN The link between producers and customers through Tex Nord

COMLIN, the link between producers and customers through TEX NORD.

Understanding customer needs is a real concern for COMLIN, so as to build a close relationship with them.
Working with flax spinneries since the year 1995, and listening to the whole flax- linen supply chain, TEX NORD has become a self-evident partner for them within the COMLIN group.

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COMLIN Our mission

Our mission: continuous improvement on the fiber and securing our customer supply

Through its mission, COMLIN is committed to:

– Increasing awareness for flax thanks to a direct relationship between our producers and customers. Thanks to this direct relationship, we adapt the fiber to our customer expectations through two major levers: culture and scutching.

– Securing the scutched flax supply for our partners:
in this direction, COMLIN has developed a transparent and reliable organization, without intermediates, focusing on quality, traceability and classification.

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Since its creation in 2006, COMLIN has tried to develop an organization and strict reliable methods meeting customer expectations.

.Decision making
at the Board of Directors

COMLIN-Board of Comlin

The board of Directors plays a major role in the strategic orientations taken by the COMLIN Union.

Its collegial decision making process reflects the will of the COMLIN members to define the major orientations of the organization together and to address the challenges of the flax- linen supply chain.

.Trial platforms

COMLIN Trials plateforms

Each year, COMLIN makes trials, aiming at improving cultural practices and to test new varieties (better adapted to COMLIN terroir, more productive or more resistant to some diseases).

.The classification commission

COMLIN-Classification commission of Comlin

So as to facilitate the fiber selection and the quality assessment, COMLIN introduced a fiber classification method. This classification is a major support to the fiber selection according to the customer request.