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COMLIN, the the lead flax fiber producer organization
based in Normandy

The 3 COMLIN cooperatives decided to commercialize scutched flax together. Willing to develop a transparent and long term approach with their customers, they harmonized their production, logistic methods, including traceability and fiber classification.
Such an organization, promoting a direct relationship between the producer and the customer is unique on the market of textile flax fiber.
COMLIN wants to build a partnership relationship with its European and Asian spinner customers.



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market share


annual fiber production
capacity in tons


creation of


signature of the
European Flax charter*


production sites
in Normandy

(*) Culture and scutching good practices charter.

Our goal: being a reliable partner,
committed to our customers

.Secure customer supply


Being one of the highest cultivated surface in Europe, and gathering 900 farmers, COMLIN has become the largest supplier of long flax fiber.

Thanks to its privileged location in Normandy and to its 21 production lines, COMLIN guarantees a large offer of fibers each year.

.Quality – customer satisfaction and continuous improvement

COMLIN Quality

A scutched fiber complying with customer expectations requires 3 conditions:
– Proficiency in flax culture
– Scutching know-how: homogeneous lots, without residual straw.
– Reliable selection and understanding the customer expectations and constraints.

These three permanent concerns of COMLIN contribute to continuous improvement actions at each step of the production and of the selection of fibers.


COMLIN Traceability

The fibers commercialized by COMLIN have grown in the Normandy region, a terroir of excellence for the flax culture.

From the field to the scutched fiber, the production is fully traced, which allows a better follow up of the fiber lots quality.