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A self evident collaboration
between 3 French flax fiber producers

.A men and women story

COMLIN started in 2006. It was before all a story of people sharing the same vision and a strong customer oriented culture. At the beginning, Presidents and Directors of the 3 cooperatives located in Normandy close to one another had a wish: they wanted to be able to have a long term commitment to their customers, bring standards through a common organization and common industrial methods.

COMLIN developed around the will to bring thoroughness and methods. Thus COMLIN brings today full traceability from the field to the scutched lots.

The classification method was elaborated with a view to being more reliable when selecting the fibers but also to paying the producers according to the quality of their production, respecting fairness between them.

.A common vision for flax

COMLIN ambition is to secure flax outlets. Thus, we want to support the flax-linen sector and favor the stability of the market.

We target a sustainable and attractive enough valuation for our producers so as to preserve their motivation for flax among other cultures and to produce quality flax.

.A direct partnership approach with customers

COMLIN favors a direct and transparent relationship with its customers. TEX NORD is in this respect an extension of COMLIN, listening to the market.

This direct relationship without intermediates allows COMLIN to better understand the customer expectations and the evolutions they are confronted with.

Understanding these different challenges is a key to remain aware and always adapt our services to our customer needs.

A business philosophy and COMLIN values rooted objectives


Reliability and thoroughness

Proximity and partnerships